作者:by Jane Stoller


出版社:John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

出版地:Hoboken, NJ

集叢名:For dummies


ISBN:978-1-119-61704-4 ; 1-119-61704-9 ; 978-1-119-61708-2 ; 1-119-61708-1 ; 978-1-119-61707-5 ; 1-119-61707-3

附註:"Learning made easy"--Cover. Includes index.


The book that cuts through the clutter of decluttering
Modern life has produced so much clutter that the thought of packed closets, attics filled with storage bins, and rental units specifically used to store odds and ends produces its own stress. The decluttering movement offers solutions for those interested in reducing the amount of stuff in their life and embrace a more minimalist, tidier lifestyle.
Professional organizer Jane Stoller helps you bypass the stress of a tidying project by offering simple, proven methods for organizing every space in your life―even your mind!
Build a new mindset for minimalist living
Declutter your home, office, and digital life
Develop new routines for a tidier life
Establish minimalist practices
From adopting a decluttering mindset to finding new homes for unwanted items, this is the book you’ll need to keep handy after the big cleanup!

Jane Stoller is a compulsive organizer who turned her passion into a profitable business, Organized Jane. She travels the world helping individual clients revamp a single space or guiding corporations in overhauling entire businesses. A speaker as well as an author, she also lectures on management skills at Canada's Vancouver Island University.

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