Shield of the Palidine


作者:by Barbara T. Cerny


出版社:Strategic Book Group

出版地:Durham, Conn





Accidently discovering a portal between Earth and Amorgos, Pierre and Elise find themselves surrounded by frightful creatures that are quite beyond their imagination. Princess Elise d'Orleans, niece to King Louis XIII, is a spoiled brat used to having everyone cater to her every need. She hates Amorgos, hates the races living there, and hates the fact that everyone believes she is their Redeemer. She is supposedly the One to free them from enslavement of their common enemy, the Asmodai. But most of all, Elise hates the fact that the only other human in Amorgos is a stinky peasant who doesn't kowtow to her every whim. Pierre Tonnelier, the village journeyman cooper, finds an extraordinary necklace in the woods outside Chateau de Saint-Germain en Laye, a castle in the French countryside outside Paris. He is forced to sell this unusual piece to pay off his father's debts. What he didn't contend with was the necklace taking him on a strange journey along with an egotistical royal pain in the derriere! Shield of the Palidine chronicles the journey of Elise to find the true Redeemer, Pierre's transformation to a warrior of immense abilities, and their unbridled love, despite all the tensions of class, bigotry and intolerance. Barbara T. Cerny is an information technology specialist and supervisor at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, and a retired Army officer. She is married and has two children and has authored Of Angels and Orphans, Tressa, and Grays Hill. Publisher's website:

  • Chapter 1(p.11)
  • Chapter 2(p.15)
  • Chapter 3(p.35)
  • Chapter 4(p.57)
  • Chapter 5(p.77)
  • Chapter 6(p.103)
  • Chapter 7(p.118)
  • Chapter 8(p.131)
  • Chapter 9(p.143)
  • Chapter 10(p.154)
  • Chapter 11(p.164)
  • Chapter 12(p.178)
  • Chapter 13(p.201)
  • Chapter 14(p.219)
  • Chapter 15(p.230)
  • Chapter 16(p.241)
  • Chapter 17(p.261)
  • Chapter 18(p.275)
  • Chapter 19(p.294)
  • Chapter 20(p.303)
  • Chapter 21(p.325)
  • Chapter 22(p.346)
  • Chapter 23(p.357)