The Young Scientists Level 2 [第115期]:The origin of pencils






最新發刊 : 20120301

雜誌類型 : 月刊

雜誌簡介: 以科學為基礎的漫畫發表在英語語言。有三個層次,三個不同年齡層次 - 即第1級(5-8歲),2級(9-10歲)和3級(11-12歲)。


02 Main Course: Mysteries of the Pyramids
09 Main Course: Cuddly Koalas
16 Everyday Science: Magnetic Levitation Train
22 Do You Know?: Fun on a Ferris Wheel
27 Discovery: Airplanes
31 Life Sciences: The Evil One is Lonely
36 PSLE Format Questions: I’m Good at Science
40 My Body: Wrinkly Hands and Feet
46 Amazing World: Perry Wants to be Taller
52 IT Savvy: Google Goggles


The Young Scientists'

'The Young Scientists' are science-based comics published in English Language. There are three levels for three different age-levels – namely Level 1 (for ages 5–8), Level 2 (for ages 9–10) and Level 3 (for ages11–12).

'The Young Scientists' are explicitly illustrated and designed with the primary aim of promoting interest and literacy in Science among children in their early school life.

以科學為基礎的漫畫發表在英語語言。有三個層次,三個不同年齡層次 - 即第1級(5-8歲),2級(9-10歲)和3級(11-12歲)。


  • Main Course Mysteries of the Pyramids(p.2)
  • Main Course Cuddly Koalas(p.9)
  • Everyday Science Magnetic Levitation Train(p.16)
  • Do You Know? Fun on a Ferris Wheel(p.22)
  • Discovery Airplanes(p.27)
  • Life Sciences The Evil One is Lonely(p.31)
  • PSLE Format Questions I’m Good at Science(p.36)
  • My Body Wrinkly Hands and Feet(p.40)
  • Amazing World Perry Wants to be Taller(p.46)
  • IT Savvy Google Goggles(p.52)